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You may wish to consider these questions as you begin: Can passions and obligations be held in balance? Admissions officers are very interested in learning more about your passions and how you’re pursuing them.

However, just writing about what fascinates you is too broad of a topic for an essay that can be a maximum of 650 words.

I love the theme for 2016: “We often experience conflicts between nurturing our passions and meeting our obligations—between what we want to do and what we must do.

A passion brings deep personal satisfaction: we can help others, learn a topic deeply, make choices based on our interests, even find fulfillment and enjoyment.

In this paragraph, you’d be showing how you reach out to experts in the field and start conducting more traditional academic research on PTSD treatment for veterans.

At the end of your essay or within the body paragraphs themselves, you could reflect on what you’ve learned through this process of pursuing your passion and overcoming the obstacles in your way.

You could include a paragraph on your interviewing experience.

In this kind of paragraph, you’d be revealing your ability to take the initiative and your process of resolving the conflict related to your passion.

The advice I’m about to give on how to find a unique angle for your Common Application essay probably goes against one of the primary rules you’ve learned about writing papers. #1 You have creative license in your Common Application essay.

You should have a general sense of the essay prompts, but you don’t want to be restricted by them. The topics are designed to “inspire and structure,” not limit and determine your response.


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