The Things They Carried Courage Essay

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His feelings are revealed in the chapter “On the Rainy River,” where he shamefully describes his “fast and mindless” flight to Canada to escape the draft (47). And even years later, he sees this decision as pathetic.

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He did not want to look like a coward to the world, so he gave into the war.

In On The Rainy River, O' Brien puts his character facing yet another difficult decision, to go to Vietnam or not.

Both of Tim O' Brien's stories, The Things They Carried and On The Rainy River, portray courage in a different way than most war stories do.

The themes of these stories revolve around courage, and different character's opinions about it.

Throughout war literature, characters of soldiers are fundamentally exposed.

Young men go to war and come out with countless stories and scars from their adventures.

pig 141)” The highest honor a man could receive in Normal’s mind was the Silver Star for valor, and he was so close to getting it.

In the end, he had a chance to be given this award, but lost it.

What some people would define as courage, O' Brien's characters define as cowardice.

O' Brien believes that people who do brave things are often motivated by shame and embarrassment.


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