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Also, Oliver Cotton (Lord Owen of Clun) appeared as the soldier Diego de Trujillo in the original 1964 National Theatre production of the play and then played the priest Valverde in its 2006 revival.Like Ro S, this film depicts religious, political, and socioeconomic issues resulting from conquest.

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The Royal Hunt of the Sun presents Pizarro and Atahuallpa as foils to each other, as two great men who face each other across opposite sides of history and morality.

The story told is not one of a ruthless conqueror exploiting and murdering a hostage, but of a bond forged between two kindred spirits and the grim redemption it grants.

The Spanish army answered with an ambush, slaughtering the unarmed Incas and capturing their ruler.

John Everett Millais, Pizarro Seizing the Inca of Peru, 1846.

Run time: Originally 121 minutes, but only 96 minutes in most available releases.

Quotes: Quotations from the film are listed here; the play script is also widely available. Starring: Robert Shaw as Francisco Pizarro, Christopher Plummer as Atahuallpa.For appropriate libations, either buy a Spanish wine of origin Ribera del Guadiana (i.e., from the Extremadura region, which includes Pizarro’s birthplace of Trujillo) or make your own chicha de jora, a fermented maize drink that receives brief mention in the play.All of Sir Peter Shaffer’s theatrical works grapple with profound questions through the microcosm of human conflict, but none with more terrible allure than The Royal Hunt of the Sun.The Inca forces stopped to rest just outside the town of Cajamarca, and there they encountered the Spanish newcomers.Atahuallpa agreed to meet Pizarro, and the next day entered Cajamarca’s plaza, accompanied by a large procession.Because the Inca faith held that burning the body would destroy any chance for an afterlife, Atahuallpa reeled from this sentence and agreed to Christian conversion in exchange for a more merciful execution.He was baptized, given a Christian name (recorded alternately as “Juan” for John the Baptist or “Francisco” after Pizarro), and then garrotted the same night, 26 July 1533 (though some sources – as well as this play and film – use an erroneous alternative date of 29 August).And despite the affection that some developed for the Inca Emperor, his presence was a constant threat to the greatly outnumbered Spaniards, who knew that a single command from the Sapa Inca (1) could raise a huge force against them.So when word came that one of Atahuallpa’s generals approached Cajamarca with an army, intending to fight for the Emperor’s freedom, Pizarro assembled a tribunal and charged Atahuallpa with various crimes – including fomenting revolt against the Spanish authorities, practicing idolatry and adultery, and committing fratricide – then delivered a guilty verdict and condemned the ruler to death by immolation.This epic work, penned by an excessively talented playwright, was picked up by the newly-formed National Theatre and premiered onstage in 1964.Much like George Bernard Shaw’s The Dark Lady of the Sonnets, Royal Hunt uses historical characters and situations, but is not an accurate re-enactment of past events.


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