The Oresteia Essay

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The story of Atreus and his brother Thyestes is told and alluded to many times throughout the trilogy.

Thyestes seduced Atreus' wife, and in retribution Atreus took the matter into his own hand...

Many of these draw upon agricultural activity, and he is particularly fond of connecting ideas of growth and fertility with sexual intercourse, bloodshed, and sacrifice.

Criminal acts sow more bad deeds, and the cycle continues as inexorably as the seasons or the passage of years.

These kind of obvious reversal of roles build into the underlying gender conflict.

The Oresteia Essay Short Essay On Animal Abuse

Justice and Social Order in the Oresteia Democracy, emerging in the city-state of Athens, allowed unprecedented power to her citizens.The main details of the story would be well known to these viewers; it is the dramatist’s particular interpretation and how he relates the themes of the myth to contemporary concerns that would be of greatest interest.Aeschylus writes in a highly metaphorical poetic style, making frequent use of images.Orestes, however, does not rely on the eye for an eye mentality to justify his actions.He is shown to be much more hesitant than his mother was.As we will see in the next book, vengeance is rarely a conclusion to a conflict, as the perpetrator would hope.More often it kicks off a cycle of violence, which leads to even more hate, death and injustice.The Libation Bearers is the true story of vengeance in the Oresteia.Clytomnestra’s actions certainly qualify as revenge, but it is perhaps not as strong a case because the Greeks could clearly see the reason behind the sacrifice of Iphigenia.Next, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon's queen, represents a mixture of the two evils in that she portrays a self-serving ruler.Finally Orestes, son of Agamemnon, is introduced as a pious man who allows his fate to be determined by the gods in conjunction with the citizens.


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