The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County Essay

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So, Simon talks and talks and talks and talks about Jim Smiley. In many different ways, this Jim figured out how to make money from his schemes thanks to his cleverness and, Simon notes, his undying luck.At some point, this Jim gets himself a frog that he's going to educate. He figures out how to get the frog, Daniel Webster, to jump and catch flies on cue.Eventually, a third character presents himself in a story - Jim Smiley.

In true Twain style, he maintains a fidelity to regional dialects and real people and creates for average readers both humor and fantasy and a world that questions such important social structures as money, power, class and education.

As a result, Twain is one of the great writers of the Realism movement in American literature.

Jim Smiley explains that his frog is a special frog and can jump higher than any other frog out there - any other frog in Calaveras County, in fact.

So, being the schemer that he is, Jim bets the stranger $40 that his claim is true.

Before Jim can figure out what happened, the stranger takes the money and leaves.

At his point in the narration, Old Simon Wheeler is called away for a minute - but not before he tells the narrator to sit tight because he obviously has a lot more to say.The story we are going to examine, 'The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County', is quintessentially Twain in these ways - simple, funny and wildly popular - giving us insight into both the writing style Twain created and the cultural context in which he wrote.'The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County' was first published in the New York Saturday Press in 1865.The only catch is that the stranger does not have a frog to compete with.So, Jim, wanting to win this bet, goes out to get the stranger a frog, too.Try it risk-free Mark Twain spent his entire adult life writing nonfiction accounts, short stories and groundbreaking novels.He started, however, at a very young age as a typesetter and part-time newspaper contributor.Originally titled 'Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog', the quirky characters and original and funny storytelling earned the story an immediate readership.The story was reprinted in several other papers and magazines and eventually gained its permanent name a few months later.While Jim is out, the stranger gets clever and fills Daniel Webster's mouth full of quail shots (kind of like small, heavy pellets used to shoot birds).Any thoughts as to what happens in this little contest?


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