The Merchant Of Venice Essay

Venice was primarily and dominantly a Christian society with Jews as it’s unfairly treated minority.Stereotypes classified Jews as immoral, evil, and foolish people while the Christians were graceful, merciful, and loving.Though usually depicted as a homosexual relationship, it is a portrayal of love between friends or brothers, another type of bond.

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He helps his loved one by borrowing money from Shylock and pawns his life to strengthen that bond.

This reinforced bondage reflects Antonio’s selflessness, God-like quality, and most importantly Christian morality.

Throughout medieval and early Renaissance Europe the prejudice bred dark fantasies: Jews were accused, for example, of conducting grotesque rituals in which they murdered Christian children and drank their blood.

The story of a Jew who wants a pound of Christian flesh may have its roots in these fantasies of Jews violating Christian bodies.” (Mowat, pg. Shylock who had nothing to do with Christ’s death still had to suffer Christian stereotypes and discrimination.

Shylock on the other hand is not put on the same pedestal as Antonio.

As the Jewish representation of Venice, Shylock, “as a usurer, refuses to lend money interest-free in the name of friendship.” (Bevington, pg.

He was looked at by Christians as a violent and corrupt individual.

Unfortunately, the manner which he seeks Antonio’s flesh seems similar to the “grotesque rituals in which Jews murdered Christian children.” With Shakespeare thickly drawing the line between Christianity and Judaism we can ultimately assume that the bond between Shylock and Antonio, a Christian and a Jew, can only cause a great deal of controversy.

74) Although Shakespeare writes this drama from a Christian point of view he illustrates religion by conflicts of the Old Testament and the New Testament in Venetian society and its court of law.

These Testaments are tested through the Christians and Jews of Venice.


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