The Kite Runner Thesis Statement Redemption

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In Sohrab’s case, his past has been so traumatizing that it affects all his behavior.

The prolonged physical and sexual abuse he endured makes him flinch anytime Amir touches him.

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He also fears the abandonment he experienced when his parents died so much that he attempts suicide when Amir says he may have to go back to an orphanage.

For Amir, the past is always with him, from the book’s first sentence, when he says he became what he is today at the age of twelve, to its final sentence. His feelings of guilt for his past actions continue to motivate him.

He is a friend to both Baba and Amir, and in those relationships, he takes the role of pushing back against the questionable choices both men make.

Rahim Khan can take this role because he occupies the same social position as Baba and Amir.

Both of these events factor into Amir’s mission to save Sohrab and his redemption by confronting Assef, subtly implying that Afghanistan will similarly have its own redemption one day.

All the characters in the novel feel the influence of the past, but none so much as Amir and Sohrab.


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