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This stumbling on the reader’s part coincides with the narrators stumbling.Mc Cormac had the reader tripping on words at the exact moment that the narrator is tripping on talus slides.This amount is 150% higher When discussing the wolf, the author uses run-ons to string together ideas in much the same way a person under intense mental or emotional stress would.

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The author uses the word “and” a total of thirty-three times.

However, the simple usage of the word is not what is to be noticed.

The failure to pause to form the sentences correctly gives the impression of a child telling a story; not so much worried about the grammatical structure, but more focused on the matter at hand.

This immature and juvenile form of writing conveys the narrators loose presence of mind at this time.

In this moment of panic it is expressed that the divorce was his own fault, ‘’My God, all of his other fuckups were just preparations for this.

(line 135)’’ Throughout the story the protagonist is very reflective and his thoughts are characterized by nervousness and anxiousness.

Repetition, Diction, and Simile in Cormac Mc Carthy’s The Crossing In Cormac Mc Carthy’s novel The Crossing, there is a dramatic sequence described by the narrator.

The author uses many different techniques to convey the impact of the experience on the narrator.

This creates a sense of suspense and keeps the reader anxiously waiting for the climax.

The language used in the story is simple, contemporary and informal but there are certain factors to consider.


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