The Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian Essay

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According to Tim Holcomb “Eating meat twice a week should be a perfect amount for the average person’s diet” (Preyss Con).

Thirty percent of a meat eater’s diet should be made up of proteins, lean red meat, poultry and fish.

The above does not mean that vegetarianism is only good for those who have weight problems.

Those who are satisfied with their body mass index can find a lot of benefits in consuming vegetarian products and abandoning meat.

Being a vegetarian will only maintain a healthy amount of protein, with no extra to worry about.

Isaac Almeida states that “It (meat) provides nutrients for the body to survive, and it helps build muscle” (Preyss Con).

Few medical professionals would argue that “the high percentage of fat in it is one of the main reasons for heart attacks, high blood pressure” (Lopa Berlin 2004).

Thus, for an average American man the risk of dying of a heart attack amounts to 50%, whereas for a vegetarian this risk is only 15%, a fact explained by relative consumption of cholesterol by meat eaters and vegetarians (Vegsource).

The different categories of vegetarianism from which you can choose depend on your body type and lifestyle (Preyss Pro).

Not being a vegetarian can lead to obesity, illness and harm to animals.


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