Term Paper On The History Of Human Resource Management

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The development of these new functions led to emergence of new specialists for ensuring that these needs are met.

From around 1930s and 1950s, the human resources department profession was run by applied and academic disciplines from the system theory and behavioural sciences (Jamrog and Overholt 2004: par 4).

This is after the realization of the extent to which this department can contribute in attaining organizational goals. There is also increased need for human resource out sourcing.

This has raises a need for more expertise in the field of human resources.

Poor human resource management can easily dip an organization into losses as the organization may not be able to maximize the use of human assets.

Term Paper On The History Of Human Resource Management Argumentative Essay Mla Style

The main role of the human resource management is therefore ensuring that the organization receives maximum benefits from the human resources.The more satisfied the employees are, the higher the chances of an organization to succeed.It has a major role in determining the comparative advantage of an organization.This movement aimed at improving the working conditions in various organizations.It will require the efforts of human resource managers to ensure comfortable and safe working conditions among employees.Kaufman (2010) observed that the safety, welfare and scientific management movements are the main factors which have led to the developments in the human resource management (1).Other factors which played a major role in human resource management development include the emergence of the labour laws and the World War I.The main factor that has determined my decision to take this career path is the professional opportunities available in the field.In the modern world, the human resources management has become a very critical part in an organization.People working in an organization are a very important asset of that particular organization.The ability of any organization to meet short term and long term goals is significantly determined by its ability to successfully manage its human resources.


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