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read more For years, brain imaging techniques had been developed since the time when human organs and skeletons were seen using X-ray, many doctors understood the need to identify and see inside the body without any surgical procedure done.

X-rays were launched to display either two dimensional or three dimensional views of any part of the body.

It is capable of giving information about the condition of the tissues and organs of the body.

It has more benefits than other methods, providing the details regarding the form and present status of the part being monitored.

read more In the technology industry, operation and financial aspect is definitely are major concern of the web corporations.

In this industry, the actual business practice is widely influence by various forces in able survive its competition.

The cis and trans configurations of fatty acids affect the melting point even if the fatty acids have similar formulas.

The trans-fatty acids have a relatively high melting point and are likely to acculmulate and clog arteries as they stay in solid form (Mc Murry, 2003).

It is used for detecting fractures in the spinal cord too.

This method is installed and used in almost all hospitals all over the world and a trusted method by surgeons and doctors.


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