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Leona Godin, a writer who holds a Ph D in 18th-century English literature, reports that when she accesses library websites they continually suggest she use a library for children and nonacademic readers who are blind.The idea of cure can lead to the erasure of identity, giving a false promise that technology can solve a cultural problem of barriers that exclude disabled people.In the 2008 documentary Examined Life, artist and activist Sunaura Taylor explains the difference between impairment, which she describes as “our own unique embodiments,” and disability, which is “the social repression of disabled people.” Disability, in this light, is a condition of a society that disables people.Caring differs from an explicit division of power and is not a transfer of the decision-making process, because it is based on a sense of interdependence, which is a free exchange that cannot be contracted or automated.If the narratives of technology-as-cure focus on the explicit, obvious, visible conditions of enhancement, technology-as-care focuses on more implicit, less visible conditions that are difficult to identify.AI can be broken down into several parts: broad data collection that is fed into learning algorithms, which power “intelligent” automated decisions. Elish and Tim Hwang write in a 2016 book, An AI Pattern Language, AI is essentially “a computer that resembles intelligent behavior.The final point of “intelligence” requires attention. Defining what constitutes intelligence is a central, though unresolved, dimension of this definition.” AI’s intelligence most often manifests in the seemingly autonomous organization of information and its applications, for example, Internet advertisements that suggest products based on a complex user profile.In my interviews with a group of friends and colleagues about assumptions in technology design about their disability, the most common experience was of exhaustion.New technologies often require the hard work of people who use them and who have to adjust to continuous updates.Most Internet corporations collect a wide range of data in order to extract behavior patterns and predict future interaction.The algorithms that continually evolve models for organizing information are the basis of machine learning, which, according to M. Elish and Tim Hwang, “enable a computer to ‘learn’ from a provided dataset and make appropriate predictions based on that data.” The scale in which the model learns and transforms, along with the growing amount of data from people’s interactions with computational systems, poses new points for consideration.


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