Technical Essay Calling Fastformula From Pl/Sql

Technical Essay Calling Fastformula From Pl/Sql-4
Example Due to performance reasons, It is always recommended to use Inputs statement to retrieve the input values of the element associated with the formula.Back to top Purpose of Assignment statement is to assign a value into a variable.

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Oracle Fast Formula is a simple way to write formulas using English words and basic mathematical functions.

You can use information from your database in formulas without learning the database structure or a programming language.

When writing formulas, there are a number of techniques you should use to ensure your formulas are easy to use and understand.

There are also rules for using each type of component that you need to follow.

Back to top In HRMS, Oracle Fast Formula is used for Here are some examples of its usages.

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Back to top In Payroll, you use formulas to: • Validate element inputs • Calculate element pay values and run results during payroll processing • Specify the rules for skipping an element during payroll processing • Perform legislative checks during a payroll run Back to top In Compensation and Benefits Management, you use formulas to: • Specify the rules for Paid Time Off accrual plans, such as how much time is accrued and over what period, when new starters are eligible to begin accruing time, and how much time can be carried over to the next accrual term • Define custom calculations for benefits administration • Calculate the duration of an absence given the start and end dates and times • Create rules for benefits administration such as eligibility determination Back to top In People Management, you use formulas to: • Check that element entry values are valid for an assignment • Specify the criteria for including an assignment in an assignment set and to edit assignment sets • Configure the people management templates in a number of ways such as supplying additional information to be available from fields on the template and validating field entries • Define collective agreements • Generate custom global person number sequences for employees, applicants, and contingent workers You also use formulas to define Oracle Business Intelligence Systems reports, to select the database information you want to display in a Quick Paint report, and to perform calculations for the report.

You can edit these generated formulas to add more functionality. Syntax For Statements Back to top These are the first type of statement in the fast formula structure, Their purpose is to give short names for existing variables in the system.

Back to top There are 6 types of statements that we can use in oracle fast formula. You can declare aliases for database items and global values.

You can then call these business rules from other PL/SQL applications.

When you write a formula, you specify for which of these purposes you will use it.


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