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Examples to illustrate grammar concepts are pulled straight from the readings in the book, giving students valuable context to practice these skills.

Updated readings that engage students on current topics.

(occasion)Knowing who your audience is and why its members are gathered together can help you rule out a number of topics.

Become a stronger reader, writer, and thinker as Real Essays Essentials gives you confidence in your academic writing skills through added support developing stronger paragraphs and essays.

"Whether you are choosing from a list provided by your instructor or selecting your own, you should try to work with a topic that interests you and that you care about."​—Robert Di Yanni and Pat C.

Hoy II, "To choose the one topic you will speak about, think about the audience and the occasion.

This new edition breaks out types of writing by purpose as well as rhetorical mode, helping students discern what to write for which assignment, and includes professional model essays together with instruction, as well as in a separate reader in the back of the book.

We have also added a "reflecting on writing" feature, giving students the opportunity to practice metacognition in their own writing, and updated the selection of model essays, including those by students.

It also provides writing assignments that ask students to translate their writing skills to college and the real world.

Students practice concepts through the lens of tasks they will need to complete in college and beyond, such as composing an email, building a resume, and writing a research paper.


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