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Since university offers so many chances to write, you’re likely to learn academic writing by just attending an English-speaking university.

This is something to consider if you plan to attend an English-language high school, college or university.

It may also be important for some companies and organizations you are thinking about working for.

Even if you write every day, the type of English writing necessary for academic writing is a whole different beast (in other words, it’s completely different).

It’s not the kind of writing you might use every day, like in blogs or in letters.

Before you start studying how to write in academic English, you’ll first need to understand what sets it apart from other English writing.

Academic English is used in any formal learning institution where writing plays an important role.To take you the rest of the way, here’s a beginner’s guide to English academic writing.Use this guide to prepare yourself and learn more about writing for universities and other institutions.Nearly all the writing you’ll do in a university will require academic English.Whether you’re writing an essay or a lab report, you’re using academic writing.Academic English writing is different from other writing.It’s more structured and formal, following stricter guidelines and rules.Did you know that college freshmen write an average of 92 pages during their first year of school?By the time they’re seniors, this number nearly doubles to 146 pages. The type of writing used for all these many, many pages is known as academic writing.If it grabs the reader’s attention, he or she will be encouraged to read on. As a matter of style, writing in an active voice energizes an essay. Word processing programs often provide assistance with converting passive sentences to the active tense. *Use your conclusion to recapture the main points of your essay.* Your conclusion should leave a lasting statement that reminds the reader of your essay’s key points.If you are experiencing writer’s block, skip this first sentence, and work on the rest of your essay. Reiterate the main themes of your essay, but say it in a different way than you did before.


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