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​In the 2018 North American Pulse of Internal Audit report, 95% of chief audit executives (CAEs) stated that critical thinking skills are essential to their function's ability to perform its responsibilities. Critical thinking is as much about who you are as it is about what you are capable of.When asked the degree to which their teams possess this skill, 95% of those same CAEs strongly or somewhat agreed that their teams adequately possess this skill. Expectations of internal audit functions have evolved and internal auditors at all levels need to be able to provide value beyond finding something right or wrong.C., fifth-grade teacher Katie Mancino was putting her students through their paces.

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To me, these results assume a poorly understood definition of that I believe has unfortunately reached a level of overuse, given that most auditors believe they are skilled at it. Internal auditors need to provide meaningful insights into the areas they are auditing and critical thinking is at the core of meeting this expectation.

Because it encompasses such a broad expanse, critical thinking involves qualities that all internal auditors can improve upon.

But actually, she was teaching critical thinking.“To practice what to do when we don’t know how to solve something,” one student said.

Another added, “To solve real-world problems.” Yet another quipped, “To reach our common goal—make it to middle school.”At Two Rivers, a pre K-to-8 Expeditionary Learning, or EL, school founded in 2004, that business includes embedding critical thinking in the school’s culture—or as Jeff Heyck-Williams, director of curriculum and instruction, says, “making it a habit of mind.”“We don’t teach standalone lessons on critical thinking,” he adds.

As you dig into a topic, new information often emerges that brings you closer to the answer you are looking for (which may different to what you thought it would be! Active listening: Don’t be a passive listener during a conversation or discussion, instead actively try to participate.

This will force you to ask questions that will allow you to distinguish facts from assumptions.5.First it requires a hard look in the mirror, and an assessment of what needs improving.Here are seven important qualities of a critical thinker: These qualities serve as the essential foundation for critical thinking.Creativity: Be creative and enter a brainstorm session, for example, without any prejudices or opinions.You will be surprised at the ideas and solutions that arise!She asked a handful of students who’d arrived early to look at a “mystery picture,” just a slice of a photo featuring fins and a tail.They then had to fill in these blanks on a piece of paper: pieces of support?Objectivity: Good Critical Thinkers are able to stay objective.They stay focused on their goal and don’t allow their personal emotions (or those of others) to affect their judgement.6.“It will not result in long-term success for students.They need something more, and strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are part of what that more is.” Photo credit: Getty in Washington, D.


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