Steps To Solving A Word Problem

The plane ends up crossing the Canadian border, but then has some engine trouble.When the plane is at 30,000 feet, an engine fails, and the plane has to attempt an emergency landing. and it does so directly on the Canada-United States border. We’ll let you think about that question for a few minutes.Back away from the calculator; use your brain first.

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We’re talking about the “my head hurts, I’m exhausted, that took too much work, I don’t know what’s next, I’m emotionally tired” kind of painful. That means you have a few steps before you can actually solve your math word problem. You don’t have to figure everything out at this point – just give the problem a nice handshake.

And it’s not as if somehow when you’re studying you can avoid math word problems. But before we try to break it down, it’s best to just try to figure out what this problem is about – generally speaking. You won’t solve it until you are at least familiar with the situation.

In particular, we're going to talk about how to turn a word problem into an algebraic equation and then solve it.. Being quite clever, you suspect that the cat is the culprit, so you begin to monitor his favorite hiding spot: the pile of towels next to his bed.

But (perhaps being a little too clever for your own good) instead of constantly checking this spot, you decide that you'd like to rig up an ingenious system to automatically report to you exactly how many toys are missing.

After you know what you’re being asked, you can then think about what it will take to get that answered.

You should have some idea at this point of the equation that will be needed to find a solution.For example, will the answer be in miles, feet, ounces, pesos, dollars, the number of trees, or a number of televisions?Billstein, Libeskind and Lott have adopted these problem solving steps in their book "A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co.).If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked.If the phrase "word problem" sends a shiver down your spine, you're not alone.They are based on the problem-solving steps first outlined by George Polya in 1945. And not just in the “I’m emotionally tired” kind of painful. If you don’t have the equation, it’s hard to solve it.Specifically, we’re talking about equations here and the most important variables.If you know what you are looking for and you can then name the pieces you need to find, even the most difficult problems become extremely manageable.A lot of people have trouble with so-called word problems in math.But, believe it or not, these problems usually aren't any harder to solve than non-word problems—they just look very, very different.


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