Steps In Research Proposal Writing

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Once you have defined your research questions, you need to set out broadly what you plan to do to answer them, and why.

Everything that you do should have a clear reason ‘I thought it might be fun’ is not considered good enough.

If you are submitting a grant application, or research proposal to a university, you will probably have a maximum word count or be given an acceptable word count range. If the maximum is 2000 words, and you’ve written 500, you probably haven’t provided enough detail.

On the other hand, if you’ve written twice as much as expected, then you’ll need to cut it down considerably.

You can and should use your dissertation supervisor as a sounding board as you develop your thinking, although beware of bombarding them with enthusiastic and/or panicky emails.

It’s usually better to ask for a meeting to discuss your ideas, rather than trying to have a discussion by email.

As a general principle, it is better to research a narrow topic in more detail than a broad one in very little detail.

Start to write up your research proposal as you read around your subject.

Frame it as a question that you could ask somebody: good research questions often begin with asking words like who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much.

Once you have brainstormed several questions related to your topic, look at each one individually against the following checklist of considerations.


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