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I conclude that students shouldn't have to pay for their degrees."That's still the same road map that I gave earlier, but it doesn't tell me nearly as much.

I conclude that students shouldn't have to pay for their degrees."That's still the same road map that I gave earlier, but it doesn't tell me nearly as much.

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Sometimes the finished product looks nothing like the thing that I wrote out at the beginning, in which case I tweak the introduction so that the map is in the correct order and describes the argument correctly.

Sometimes, though, you'll notice that you left something out of the body paragraphs that's actually really important, in which case you should make sure to fill in that hole.

That doesn't mean that you should cut it shorter than it needs to be; if you're pushed for words you should always cut the extraneous fluff instead of the road map.

Even if they include a road map, a lot of students will fall down at the last hurdle and keep the conclusion back as some kind of surprise for the end of the essay.

I've given you a roadmap: you know where you are in the essay, and in the chain of logic that I'm providing, because I've already told you where we're going.

You might think this is boring, but you're not writing a Dan Brown novel. The purpose is to inform first, and entertain second.

You could begin your essay like this: "Policies that place a financial burden upon students to pay for their own degrees are premised on the idea that the students themselves are the primary beneficiary of their education, and so should not be funded by other taxpayers who do not benefit as much.

In this essay, I argue that degrees create a public good that benefits the entirety of society, and so degrees ought to be fully funded by the state."This gives a little contextualisation of the topic, introducing the position that you're setting yourself up in opposition to, and then it puts forward your thesis statement.

A large proportion of that time is spent trying to figure out whether something is going to be useful to me, because I only have so many seconds in the day (and indeed on Earth) and my eyes only have so many words they can read without me becoming even more myopic.

If I have to wade through to read it, you can bet I'm going to resent you for it. I recognise that sounds like I'm trying to be profound and failing miserably, but it's true.


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