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Compared to organizations with low agility, where only 56% met their business goals, 40% finished on time, and 45% finished within budget.

75% of highly agile organizations met their goals/business intent, 65% finished on time, and 67% finished within budget.

Large projects are twice as likely to be late, over budget, and missing critical features than small projects.

A large project is more than 10 times more likely to fail outright, meaning it will be cancelled or will not be used because it outlived its usefulness prior to implementation.

In most cases, especially when you translate from English, the work is measured by the word count of the source text.

But in some markets or subject fields, translation is measured by the number of characters.

In this case, the actual translation work can be as little as 10% (or less) of the total word count of the source documents - because for much of the text, you can use the translation from before.

memo Q gives you the word counts grouped by match categories: you'll know how many words are in segments that have 100% matches; how many have 95-99% matches etc.

For each match category, you can have a If a segment has a 90% match, that usually means a difference of one word.

Your weight for that match category (85-94%) could be 50%.


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