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America and the world wanted to put the memory of the Great War behind them and enjoy life.

The economy was booming because of the war and the automobile was becoming a more common means of transportation.

While the sports department within some newspapers has been mockingly called the toy department, because sports journalists do not concern themselves with the ‘serious’ topics covered by the news desk, sports coverage has grown in importance as sport has grown in wealth, power and influence.

Sports journalism is an essential element of any news media organization.

Athletes jockey for a place in the news and the cameras always seem to be rolling, and now for the history of sports journalism.

1789IN THE BEGINNING Horses, which some paleontologists believe may have originally evolved from dinosaurs, may have the right to claim the first glimmers of sports journalism.

The club lasted for two years before Boston Red Stockings and Boston Base Ball Club were founded in 1871.

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One significant rule introduced which feature in modern baseball is: nine inning games; nine-man teams; elimination of the bound; bases 90 feet apart rule.

According to Knickerbockers Rules, fielders should tag the runner, as is done in modern baseball, which helped to avoid fistfights and arguments that occurred using the earlier practice.


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