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My compliments to those who thought of the gift and the company that conceived the idea. We have covered in many earlier essays that each experience is truly an outcome of our connection with that event through three connectors: Ignorance, Bias and Knowledge.On reading it for the first time, I found it as very appropriate for any one at any age. They also seem to make good fodder for any new year resolution: The above summary does not do justice to all the materials in this beautiful book, the many colorful illustrations or the fine printing. It is time to get up and do some stuff that makes a meaningful change for some one, any one. It is the cumulative effect of these three connectors and their relative proportions that we perceive as our experience.Essays on approaches for spirituality in practice (Si P).

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Maturity can also be seen as the ability to deploy our mind through our thoughts to control our emotions or feelings while recognizing their inter-connected nature.

This kind of maturity can evolve with age (and hence time), but it can also come at any age from our objective outlook gained through self-control.

In that respect maturing indeed is a choice while we age and grow old inevitably!

Dear reader: 2018 has now passed on and we are now in 2019! But, some may say it is just a chore, another day in the continum: Another Day Another Dollar! It is a custom made book created for and gifted to my 20 month old grand daughter on her first birthday, few months ago!

It is the only permanent aspect of any of us, all of us.

Yet, influenced by our emotions, feelings and inability for rational thinking we belabor on the notions of birth and death as if the material object (body) begins with birth, ages and ceases to exist (after death)!

In Bhajagovindham Verse 5, Adi Sankara warns us on this subjective view on “maturity”: “Maturity” or fruitfulness need not be limited to material things (like the trees yielding fruits in our analogy above). Hence maturity can be witnessed through our actions, emotions/feelings as well as through our thoughts and ideas.

In every case seeking the outcomes of larger common good – using common sense and making adult decisions – is a measure of maturity.

But, all essays are for people who wish to have simple explanation of many things we deal with in day to day life.

I try to stay away from subjects like religion, re-incarnation, Karma as a destiny, etc.


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