Special Education Research Paper Topics

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One specific strategy is explored in depth: POSSE which can be used on top of the existing curriculum, including whole language. : A 15 research study paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding reading comprehension, teaching techniques and outcomes, and proposes a study of 4th grade students to support the findings. Examples of goals for teachers to pursue are provided as are techniques, and recommended readings. : An 8 page research paper on the integration of language and literacy in the science classroom.

The writer gives background into the educational approach, as well as providing a wide range of activities currently being used by teachers. : A 5 page research paper which contains background information on the subject of literacy/illiteracy.

The writer goes into great detail concerning the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of various teaching methods.

Approximately 20 sources are listed in bibliography.

Adult literacy and relevant techniques are mentioned as well. : A 10 page research paper which looks at a wide variety of the theories which are applied to the task of learning how to read and then to some of their practical applications in the classroom to provide motivation for reading.

The writer also examines look for practical applications in current research. : A 5 page research paper exploring processes for increasing reading comprehension skills among elementary school students. A comprehensive look at the importance of well-constructed literature curricula in improving student literacy.

The Los Angeles Unified School District, which educates about 64,500 students with disabilities, will regain full control over programs that serve their special needs, after decades of costly court-ordered outside supervision, officials announced this week.

Organized under the Special Olympics umbrella, the Unified Champion Schools program promotes meaningful connections between students with and without intellectual disabilities, using sports as a catalyst.

In an argument against any ideological foundation for the canon, the writer proves that the canon only has aesthetic meaning for academicians. Most recently, inclusive, multi-age classrooms and non-graded schools embody the philosophy that all children can learn--at their own pace and in their own way, with the help and example of peers of all ages. : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major points of Warren Bennis' book, On Becoming a Leader, and considers their application for teaching as a form of leadership. : A 6 page research paper that discusses the causes of burnout, including organizational structure and student behavior.

Studies have consistently identified discipline problems, overwhelming paperwork and lack of supportive environments as causes of the stress leading to burnout. Among other equally important reasons, teacher burnout is a major component in the downfall of the American educational system.


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