Solving World Problems

Solving World Problems-10
By engaging students with real life stories, we will inspire future scientists and engineers to find solutions to these real-world problems.The following are our top 5 STEM read alouds and activities to engage students in real-world problem solving.

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The lack of clean drinking water causes many problems including illnesses from contaminated water.

Also, many children are unable to attend school due to the time it takes to collect the water.

Everyone sees problems through a different lens and seeks answers from a different angle. We discuss these problems, examining them from every angle, and look for solutions.

In fact, some problems aren’t even considered problems by everyone. These are the things you learn in marriage and as you start receiving requests from people to discuss problems you never categorized as a problem. The problems we talk about are common, every day problems. If you have a problem you need help solving, send us a message here.

It is monsoon season so the family must cook all of their meals indoors over an open fire.

Breathing in the smoke from the fire makes them sick, but unfortunately they have no other way to cook their food.

We find big answers to common and uncommon problems alike. Are you trying to decide what to do with your life, or do you just need to solve the debate over which way the toilet paper roll goes on the holder?

Big problems deserve big answers, and that’s what we find.

Each week, members of the organization make wallets, bags, and other items using reclaimed plastic waste.

Invite students to help solve this real-world problem by repurposing plastic bags into bracelets and other items. Iqbal and his Ingenious Idea: How a Science Project Helps One Family and the Planet by Elizabeth Suneby tells the story of a family in Bangladesh without a stove.


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