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You can instead start by dividing both sides by a and then subtract or add something to both sides. In practice, mathematicians prefer to add or subtract something from both sides and then divide by a because calculations are usually easier.Example #1: Example #2: You can solve the problem above by dividing both sides by a first before adding or subtracting something from both sides.

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When solving two step equations,they will have the following form: ax b = c or ax − b = c When solving equations of the form ax b = c, you can subtract b from both sides of the equation and then divide both sides by a.

How much did he have in his savings before purchasing the headphones?

It's not always easy to tell what kind of equation a word problem involves, until you start translating it to math symbols.

In fact it would be A plus to say like hat equals $14, something like that so you remind yourself that this is not just some plain old letter, h stands for how much each hat costs.

Again you guys when you have a word problem you could try guessing checking but that takes a long time.

Also make sure that you put units on your answer, units meaning the dollar sign.

It's not like h equals 14, you have to specify each hat costs .

In a two-step equation, work in the reverse order of PEMDAS.

This is the kind of problem that strikes fear into every student's heart so I want you guys to take a deep breath and know that we can do the word problems. One way you guys might have learned in your previous Math courses is to make a guess and check chart and just kind of like plug in values and see how that goes.


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