Solve Maths Problems With Steps

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The equations I tend to use it for, usually says (step-by-step results unavailable’ anyway this feature is awesome, and I use it quite a lot to aid my learning. I wish I had this feature few years ago while studying at University.

If you are preparing for STEP, it makes sense that some of these problems should be STEP questions, but to start off with it's worth spending time looking at problems from other sources.

This collection of NRICH problems is designed for younger students, but it's very worthwhile having a go at a few to practise the problem-solving technique in a context where the mathematics should be straightforward to you.

Yet as I persisted with it for a long time it eventually started to click - ‘it’ referring to being able to solve problems much more easily.

This happens because your brain starts to recognise that problems fall into various categories and you subconsciously remember successes and pitfalls of previous ‘similar’ problems." A Problem-solving Heuristic for STEP Below you will find some questions you can ask yourself while you are solving a problem.


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