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SCi P is still held before the Psychonomic Society's meetings to this day!

The Presidential Symposium will showcase SCi P's FABBS Early Career Impact Award winners over the past few years, with invited presentations from Drs.

President (2019)Danielle Mc Namara (Arizona State University) President-Elect (2020)Alexandra Paxton (University of Connecticut) Past-President (2018)Chris Westbury (University of Alberta) Executive Director (2019-present)Rick Dale (UCLA) For inquiries: scip.conference.organizer at gmail Click here for SCi P's bylaws Laura Allen, University of New Hampshire (2017-2020) Blair Armstrong, University of Toronto (2017-2020) Pietro Cipresso, Catholic University of Milan (2017-2020) Alexandra Paxton, UC Berkeley (2016-2019) Brendan Johns, University at Buffalo (2016-2019) Danielle Mc Namara, Arizona State University (2016-2019) Stefan Stieger, U.

I observe that a small conference is becoming more intimate and that much of our mission involves figuring out how to conduct high-quality scientific research with consumer-grade electronics.

I argue that we are an increasingly international organization, that graduate students are welcome, and that we should become more inclusive in the areas of gender and ethnicity and should make membership more meaningful.

(Castellan, 1991) As we enter the next decade, I believe it is important that the Society for Computers in Psychology (S. Together, they reflect thousands of citations, and broad influence on the field of psychological science. Student papers on the application of computational or computerized methods to any area of psychology (theoretical, experimental, applied) are welcome.

Eligibility is open to work done by a student currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses, or work done as part of a course, thesis, or other student research by a person who graduated within the past year.

During the 20 years of its existence, the Society for Computers in Psychology has been an important focus for the appropriate and beneficial application of computingtechnology in psychology. So I would like to cover some years of the organization’s development and, in the process, cite several highlights that are worthy of note... Each year BRM hosts a special issue of papers from SCi P presentations.

Although the increase of computer use is unmistakable, cyclic trends in computer applications also can be identified and, together with current technological developments, lead to predictions, concerns, and challenges for the future. Here is a sample of some major papers presented at SCi P and published in BRM.

Following a list of Secretary–Treasurers, a list of all SCi P Presidents is provided in Table 1.

Next I present personal highlights, including the first symposium on psychology and the World-Wide Web; David Rumelhart’s mathematical explanation of connectionism; and Stevan Harnad’s discussion of "freeing" the journal literature.


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