Socialization Culture Essay

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This stage begins around age thirteen and continues into adulthood.

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In this stage the children understands the roles of multiple people at the same time.

Role taking allows people to be part of a group (Shepard, 2009, p.96).

In this stage the children learns to associate symbols and language with objects.

Children see everything through their own view point. The third stage, the stage of concrete operations, starts around age eight and ends around age twelve.

Children pretend to be a mother, father, police officer, firefighter, teacher, doctor, or someone the children know or see; most likely someone the children look up to.

In this stage children imitate being someone else by doing things they think that person would do.

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Another part of the process of socialization is cognitive development.

Cognitive development refers to the development of thinking, knowing, perceiving, judging, and reasoning.


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