Smoking Health Essay

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Dr Dongbo Fu and Simone St Claire from the World Health Organization give tips for quitting tobacco: a useful list of things to plan for tobacco users, encouraging them to succeed in this process!

For their health and for the health of their loved ones.

Although, people smoke when they are depressed, lonely or bored and it helps them to reduce the stress.

Second main cause of smoking is “psychological” (MENTAL) which seems to be a very important factor for people to get the habit.

Teens see their friends smoke and they think it makes them look cool or independent plus them. The first cause of smoking which is Nicotine is an addictive and harmful substance contained in cigarettes.

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It reduces tension and it is also believed that it can have a calming effect on people who are anxious and worried.

Picture: Michelle Siu Ilham Hadi, who has smoked up to two packs a day and began when he was four years old, poses for a photo wearing his third grade uniform while smoking in his bedroom as he younger brother looks on.

One of the most common problems today that are killing people, all over the world, is smoking.

By comparison, Indonesia has an extreme lack of law enforcement when it comes to smoking.

This fact, paired with the availability of cheap cigarettes, has led to smokers picking up the habit at an age far younger than other parts of the world.“The juxtaposition of young boys smoking like seasoned addicts is jarring, yet this project is intended to not only shock and inform viewers but to demonstrate the lack of enforcement of national health regulations and to question the country’s dated relationship with tobacco,” she said of the project.“Tobacco consumption in Indonesia is a complex issue as it is intertwined in the country culturally, politically and economically.


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