Smoking Among Teenagers Research Paper

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This paper presents saliva thiocyanate levels, expired air carbon monoxide levels, and smoking self-reports from a sample of 2200 junior and senior highschool students.

Interrelationships among the biochemical and behavioral measures are strong among the total population, ranging from 0.48 to 0.95but are much weaker at the younger age levels.

Cigarette smoking is a habit that kills approximately million of people per year.

It is surprisingly being picked up by myriad amount of children every day.

There is definitely an "image" that attached to smoking by advertising.

For women or young girls, it is one of sexiest and desirable things to do.

Although there is a correlation between smoking uptake and other substance use, the evidence to support the gateway theory is inconclusive.

Youth smoking prevention programmes devised by the tobacco industry may do more harm than good and the motives for providing such schemes are questionable.

Normative levels of carbon monoxide and saliva thiocyanate are presented by age (11–13, 14–15, and 16–17 years old).

These data indicate that habitual smoking appears to develop in a gradual fashion and that several years may pass between initial experimentation and adult levels of smoking. Jean Heberle, who assisted them, Bill Baker, who served as applications programmer, and Ms.


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