Small Business Benefit Plans

Let’s take a look at these benefits: No surprise here.

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You may be even more shocked to know that this is what 89 percent of younger workers ages 18 to 34 preferred.

So what do job seekers and employees expect when it comes to benefits?

Plus, our small business packages can help you qualify for Special Producer Compensation (SPC) that includes multiple commission schedule options, convenient direct deposit of commissions, and a Special Producer Compensation (SPC) Bonus Program: Why should you entrust Guardian with your benefits plans for small employers?

Because we’ve been an industry leader in small group benefits for over 60 years.

Running a small business, however, is filled with challenges – saving time, making money, and managing people.

On top of all that, small businesses must compete with other companies for talent and customers.

Instead of focusing exclusively on the dollars from larger corporate clients, we’ve remained true to the spirit of American entrepreneurism and continued to serve small businesses.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you sort through challenges, define strategies, and implement tactics to get results. Your clients consistently rank Guardian 9 out of 10 on responsiveness, knowledge and courtesy, bringing new products and services to the marketplace and creating more jobs for working Americans.

Given that most small businesses fail within 10 years Offering an employee benefits program is a great way for owners to invest in their business.

Employees are looking for employers who provide coverage – it’s a reason to join a company – so small businesses that have an employee benefits program can attract more productive employees.


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