Should Religion Be Taught In Public Schools Essay

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The free choice of religious education by parents according to their conviction is protected by Convention against Discrimination in Education. Some countries, such as the United States, do not publicly fund religious education nor make it part of compulsory schooling.

In other contexts, such as the United Kingdom, an 'open' religious education has emerged from Christian confessionalism that it is intended to promote religious literacy without imparting a particular religious perspective.

Given the opportunity to study it, I think many would agree that mythology is an interesting subject — and modern mythologies are no different.

Through an education in Religious Studies, I learned about the creation myths from various cultures and those myths’ earlier influences, about the similarities and inconsistencies within each belief system, and how each religion has grown from a localized cult to its modern global equivalent.

To clarify, I majored in Religious Studies, the study of religions from a phenomenological approach, which is not to be confused with Christian Theology — the study of Christianity as a fundamental truth.

I found that, if you study comparative religion, it’s more difficult to be religious because the great faiths are all very similar at the most fundamental level.

Those that allow it also vary in the type of education provided.

People oppose religious education in public schools on various grounds.

After all, these ideas were introduced by a loving and trusted family member — why would they lie? By educating children about the world’s many religions, historical and modern alike, we can show them that each faith is simply one culture’s attempt to explain the unknown.

They can learn about religion from the perspective of an anthropologist, with a proper balance of intrigue and detachment, and gain true insight into the origin of the world’s many belief systems. Mc Afee is a journalist and author of He is also a frequent contributor to American Atheist Magazine.


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