Short Story About Student Life Essays

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Living free of their parent's reign, students move into dormitories [a resident hall providing rooms for individuals or for groups usually without private baths(Merrium-Webster)].

Life without curfews and many "house" rules would seem to be a student's first taste of being an adult.

Sleepless nights, constant sweating, and dehydration are all serious possibilities to those students.

For many freshman, living conditions in the dorms can produce hardships than can be uncomfortable and an inconvenience.

By the time I enrolled into high school, I discontinued all sports in seek of gaining new talents.

Many students expect their life, on their own, to be paradise.

Since there are many students that live in the dorms throughout the year, the school cannot possibly afford to make each dormitory into a holiday inn suite.

Some dorms do not even have air conditioning, which makes it hard for a student during the really hot days of the year.

The pericd of college life may be two years of intermediate classes.

No doubt college life is an ideal part of academic life.


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