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Churchill’s great war memoir, is heightened by the appearance of Winston’s father, Lord Randolph Churchill.Dead in 1895 at the age of forty-six, Randolph had not lived to see, nor indeed ever imagined, his son at the pinnacle of their country’s affairs.

The former Prime Minister was now a frustrated Leader of the Opposition.

But political reverses often brought out the best in his writing.

was conceived during a family dinner at Chartwell, Churchill’s beloved home in the lush Kentish countryside, twenty-five miles outside London. “The Income Tax went up to one and threepence.” He was visibly disturbed. I was not going to talk politics with a boy like you ever. Never passed any examinations, except into the Cavalry! I could not see how you would make your living on the little I could leave you and Jack, and that only after your mother. We even made them surrender unconditionally.” “No one should be made to do that. “But wars like these must have cost a million lives.

He first entitled the story “Private Article,” showing it only to his family, resisting their urgings that it be published. So I said that they got it down to eightpence afterwards.” “Who was the General who beat the Boers? I once thought of the Bar for you but you were not clever enough. But of course you were very young, and I loved you dearly. But tell me more about these other wars.” “They were the wars of nations, caused by demagogues and tyrants.” “Did we win? Great people forget sufferings, but not humiliations.” “Well, that was the way it happened, Papa.” “How did we stand after it all? Their only hope is to rise together.” “I remember,” he said, “taking you through the Place de la Concorde when you were only nine years old, and you asked me about the Strasbourg monument. They must have been as bloody as the American Civil War.” “Papa,” I said, ‘in each of them about thirty million men were killed in battle.

In his will he bequeathed the tale to his wife, who donated it to Churchill College, Cambridge. Old people are always very impatient with young ones. Are we still at the summit of the world, as we were under Queen Victoria? Your mother was the most beautiful woman ever born. So far he had not attempted to light the cigarette he had fixed in the amber holder. He is much more powerful, and much more despotic.” “What of Germany? You wanted to know why this one was covered in flowers and crape. In the last one seven million were murdered in cold blood, mainly by the Germans.

On the first anniversary of his funeral, 30 January 1966, it was published in has also appeared as a stand-alone volume in two private printings, and a fine 2005 edition by Levenger Press. Fathers always expect their sons to have their virtues without their faults. You seem to have plenty of time on your hands to mess about with paints. ” “No, the world grew much bigger all around us.” “Which is the leading world-power? The Jeromes were a deep-rooted American family.” “I have always,” I said, “worked for friendship with the United States, and indeed throughout the English-speaking world.” “English-speaking world,” he repeated, weighing the phrase. He now took his matchbox from his watch-chain, which was the same as I was wearing. I rubbed my brush in the paint on the palette to make sure that everything was real. To relieve his consternation I said: “But perhaps they will come back and join the English-speaking world. They made human slaughter-pens like the Chicago stockyards. Many of her cities have been blown to pieces by bombs.By 1884 he was Leader of the House of Commons and Chancellor of the Exchequer.But in 1886 he resigned over a trivial matter, never to rise again.Yet the more we know about him, the better we may understand how he came to write it.Replete with broad-sweep Churchillian narrative, has many references to now-obscure people, places and things.This online version allows us to provide links to all of them.You need only click on any unfamiliar name or term to be linked to an online reference.The canvas had been badly torn, and though I am very shy of painting human faces I thought I would try to make a copy of it. They have found their level.” “So Female Suffrage has not made much difference? But they are much more friendly to us than they used to be. The bitter past is fading.” “Ah,” he said, “how vexed the Tories were with me when I observed that there was no English statesman who had not had his hour of Home Rule.” Then, after a pause, “What about the Home Rule meaning ‘Rome Rule’? And the Catholic Church has now become a great champion of individual liberty.” “You must be living in a very happy age. Of course you are too old now to think about such things, but when I hear you talk I really wonder you didn’t go into politics. You might even have made a name for yourself.” He gave me a benignant smile. Also my cigar had gone out, and the ash had fallen among all the paints.My easel was under a strong daylight lamp, which is necessary for indoor painting in the British winter. Welldon telling me how you recited the twelve hundred lines of Macaulay without a single mistake.” After a pause, “You are still a Protestant? “Episcopalian.” “Do the Bishops still sit in the House of Lords? ” “Well, it has made politicians more mealy-mouthed than in your day. You can’t say the things you used to.” “What happened to Ireland? ” “The South got it, but Ulster stayed with us.” “Are the South a republic? They have built up a cultured Roman Catholic system in the South. A Golden Age, it seems.” His eye wandered round the studio, which is entirely panelled with scores of my pictures. He then took the match to light his cigarette and struck it. Twelve years later Churchill lapsed into a coma on January 10th. ” “We have had nothing else but wars since democracy took charge.” “You mean real wars, not just frontier expeditions? Wars and rumours of war ever since you died.” “Tell me about them.” “Well, first there was the Boer War.” “Ah, I would have stopped that. A Radical turned Jingo is an ugly and dangerous thing. ” “We conquered the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.” “England should never have done that. But, having gone through so much, we do not despair.” He seemed stupefied, and fumbled with his matchbox for what seemed a minute or more.Confidently, Colville assured The Queen’s private secretary: “He won’t die until the 24th.” Unconscious, Churchill did just that. Wars where tens of thousands of men lose their lives? I never agreed with ‘Avenge Majuba.’ Never avenge anything, especially if you have the power to do so. To strike down two independent republics must have lowered our whole position in the world. Then he said: “Winston, you have told me a terrible tale.


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