Short Essay Describe Your Favorite Food

Short Essay Describe Your Favorite Food-8
This kind of information will make your essay really captivating.If you can buy your favorite food in a supermarket, check the backside of the package and find the ingredients list.

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It is also rich in water, cellulose and green leaves are rich in water and cellulose, therefore it is a treatment for constipation.

Arrange the onion and cut it small, with garlic, and put a little Margarine with corn oil, and put in a suitable pot and put it on fire until the onion become yellow.

Taro is a tropical plant with very large leaves resembling tobacco, which resembles the shape of an elephant’s ears, belongs to this type of plant of the arum family.

Its leaves are edible and rich in starches, as it is used as an alternative to potatoes because it is rich with gels, proteins and minerals.

However, there is a simple way to describe your favorite food even if you don’t have the recipe - ask the chefs of your favorite diner for more information.

If you like a certain dish in a diner/café/restaurant, you might ask them to tell you more about the ways it can be prepared.

Although most people don’t have problems answering the question about their food preferences, some find it hard to expand on this topic.

Many people like ice-cream, but quite a few of them know what it’s made of.

Taro has health and nutritional benefits as it is rich in various nutrients.

It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, which protects against skin infections, and is rich in minerals such iron and magnesium.


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