Sex Education Argumentative Essay

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There is much evidence that shows boys’ performances increase more in single sex education than in co-educational schools.For instance, according to the National Association For Single Sex Public Education, “at Morely High School on Leeds, only one School based sex education, delivered before the minimum school leaving age remains the most effective way of universally, comprehensively, and uniformly targeting adolescent population.The countries mentioned are up to parwith America as far as development and economy go, but fall way behind when it comes to all thingssexual!

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That is a great amountof teenagers that could have potentially dodged a bullet with a little more sexual education.

Will a lackof sexual education continue to play a role in the overwhelming amount of teenage mothers in America? Just like the article states, sex education is rising in American schools,and this is in favor of my argument on how I greatly support this upward movement my reason is weare just falling way behind!

The question is no longer should sex education be taught, but rather how should it be taught.

According to the Center for Disease control and Prevention, over 93 % of all public schools currently offer courses on sexuality or HIV/AIDS (CDCP, 44) More than 510 junior and/or senior high schools have school liked health clinics, and more than 300 schools make condoms available on campus.

As a teenager, I firmly believe that sex education should be taught in schools because students need to be educated.

Many parents don’t address this topic at home, so school is the best Should sex education be taught in schools?(1) Worldwide, approximately half of 16-year-olds are sexually active and have partner turnover which facilitates the spread of STIs, is at it's highest amongst young people (2) Approximately 60% of all new HIV cases are among young people (3) and more than 90 “We cannot forget that reinforcing economic differences drives students further apart when schools should be drawing them closer together.” There are many problems in public schools with no uniforms.The use of school uniforms could eliminate some of these problems.Abstinence only education is all about, “just saying no.” They teach to abstain from all sexual acts until marriage. Safe sex education takes a very different approach. It teaches all about sex, the consequences of sex, contraceptives, different STDs, ways to protect yourself from STDs, pregnancy, and other issues regarding teen bodies. There is a debate against these different sex education programs because some think abstinence only education does not have any effect on teenagers while some believe that safe sex education encourages teenagers to engage in sexual behavior. A sex-positive perspective began to emerge and, in a small way, women were acknowledged as you don’t get it.”( reveals why some girls are prevented from participating well in class.Meanwhile, there is not only a problem with girls’ shyness but also with boys’ grades.High School sex education for public and private schools should school sex education.In 1978, Spanier also reported no relationship between students' experience with formal sex education in high school and their sexual behaviour in college.


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