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The thesis agreement must specify, among other things, the representative of the commissioner, the tasks included in the thesis process, and the compensation of the costs incurred by the thesis process.The RDI goals and RDI credits of the thesis are also specified in the thesis agreement.It is advisable to start thinking about the different options for the topic of the thesis as early as the beginning of the studies.

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On the same occasion, the amount and mode of payment of the possible reward must be agreed on.

The student must be in contact with the teacher supervising the thesis before signing an agreement with an outside company.

At some of the Faculties, teachers bring forward different options and opportunities.

A great many of the topics are found through orders or commissions.

The thesis may be part of studies (e.g., double degree) for which Se AMK and a foreign partner institution are jointly responsible.

In such a case, the co-writer of the thesis may be a student from the foreign partner institution.

People have different preferences in terms of writing.

Think about the approach that will work best for you.

The copyright and confidentiality questions related to commissions are dealt with in more detail in page Practice in the thesis process.

Many commissioning organizations may have their own study agreement models, and it is advisable to see them.


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