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Therefore, Incertus does not denote uncertainty (in the usual sense) but expresses the polarity in language and in the world.This paper will focus especially on Heaney's interpretation of the relationship between the masculine and feminine in language and poetry as it relates to his poetic and political stance.

Such a run of words tells the human tale in the way it is lived: moment by moment.

Forgettable poems cannot delineate the uniqueness of the moment: their language is half cliché, ruining itself as it goes.

I realized then that Seamus “scanned” people in a clairvoyant way, realizing their faculties of mind and temperament instantly and deeply.

It was that scanning, putting feeling into words, which distinguished Seamus’s portraits of human beings.

And so, volume by volume, decade by decade, Heaney translated feelings in resonant word-clusters.

For “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland: “neighborly murders.” For early marriage: “the lovely and painful / Covenants of flesh...

The bleak fact that there would be no next volume of his poetry was a grief to his readers, but even those who knew his work best were mourning the man as much as the poet.

Seamus established an immediate intimacy even with strangers.

The kindness was typical; but what arrested me, when I heard that description on my voice mail, was its uncanny accuracy.

He had taught the student several years earlier, but it was as though he could lift from memory a photographic scan of the student and, by a sort of alchemy, “read it off” into factual and touching statement.


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