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Every industry is shaped by a range of factors that affect how customers behave and businesses operate.

Every industry is shaped by a range of factors that affect how customers behave and businesses operate.As you consider industry factors and trends, pay special attention to those you think present special opportunities or challenges for your business.Some information you enter will be used to fill in a cover letter and a cover page, if you decide to print them as part of your final document. If you're starting up, talk about what led you to start this business, briefly discuss any relevant experience you bring to it, and outline steps you've already taken to get your business off the ground. The plans you make now for your business can help you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.

Asking people to review your plan will make it stronger because you’ll receive valuable feedback.

Share it with your accountant, lawyer, financial advisor and trusted businesspeople so they can offer their suggestions to improve your plan.

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time focusing on details, like how to satisfy a specific customer or negotiate with a certain supplier.

But your business also operates within a much larger context.

Once you’ve completed your business plan, you may take it to a Scotiabank Small Business Advisor.

The advisor can review your plan, supply feedback, and, if requested, help you to explore your financing options.Objectives help you track your business' success according to plan.Your objectives might set targets for sales, profitability, even hours of personal time per week - whatever is most relevant to you, your business, and success as you define it.That's because writing a plan forces you to answer tough questions about every aspect of your business, including the close relationship between it and your personal life.The most important user of your business plan is you.Start Writing We’ve simplified our business plan writer to the bare minimum to start.As needed, you can drag and drop additional sections into your plan.We’re here to help you create a business plan that is well structured to aid you in securing the financing you may need to get your business off the ground.We’ve created a process that is easy to start AND finish.Depending on how much research and preparation you’ve already completed, creating your plan won’t consume much time at all.While it’s very easy, don’t worry if you get stuck because help is available throughout the process.


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