Scotiabank Business Plan

The Bank was also a major sponsor of and presenter at the GCCI’s Entrepreneurship Workshop in September, which received high praise from participants.

The Business Plan Competition was open to Guyanese residents, 18 years and above, who were interested in starting a business as well as existing small business owners who wanted to expand their business.

year Ivey’s Scotiabank International Case Competition (SICC) drew teams from all over the world to come to Canada, form relationships with one another, and compete in a truly unique case competition.

Organized and executed by a team of HBA students, the event took place from March 2-5 and attracted 10 teams from 8 different countries.

Different countries had different strategies to completing the case, different presentation styles, and varying levels of intensity towards winning the case competition." The HBA organizers gave participants a taste of Canadian culture.

When they weren’t working on the case, participants were indulging in poutine, enjoying a Molson Canadian or two, and playing mini stick hockey.

Participants learned about the rise of Fin Tech, and the technologies that disrupt and change financial services to make the process more efficient.

The case specifically focused on the future potential of blockchain technology for the Scotiabank Digital Factory.

Teams had approximately 15 hours to prepare their case before they presented to a panel of 11 judges, comprised mostly of Ivey alumni.

Three teams advanced to the finals, where they presented to all judges as well as their fellow SICC peers.


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