Science Resistance Coursework

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The Marcus Center for Therapeutic Cell Characterization and Manufacturing was established in 2016 and made possible by a $15.75 million gift from philanthropist Bernie Marcus, with a $7.25 million investment from Georgia Tech and another $1 million from the Georgia Research Alliance.

In 2017, Georgia Tech was picked to lead the $20 million National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies.

Today I want to talk about water resistance in relation to Olympic Swimmers.

Water resistance goes up as the surface area of a submerged body increases.

“Cell manufacturing has become a growing area of research at Georgia Tech, and we will leverage all of our resources and expertise in developing these course modules,” Zhang said.

Anyone who watches Olympic sports is bound to be puzzled: the athletes often seem to defy the laws of science that limit the rest of us.In our experiment, both, play dough shaped like a ball and play dough shaped like a triangle, dropped down like a rock, while the pancake took some time to float down in a fluid circular fashion. They predicted that aluminum foil crumpled into a tight ball would sink and a flat piece of aluminum foil will float, but all pieces floated.We added stones we collected at the beach and experimented with stones in a foil in many different ways. Then we hid two stones in a flat, folded piece of aluminum and it shot down like a rock. hen we experimenting with folding the foil around stones in different ways to see, which fold made it sink faster or slower.The modules will be designed to give students in traditional classrooms and through distance learning courses instruction on cell processing and culturing as well as quality control and aspects of supply chain logistics.The modules will also train students in best manufacturing practices and regulatory compliance as well as cultural sensitivity and policy awareness.The consortium aims to improve the way biological medicines, also known as biopharmaceuticals, are produced, with a goal of bringing down costs and finding ways to get the drugs into the hands of clinicians and patients faster.The new curriculum development effort is just one of several cell manufacturing research projects ongoing at Georgia Tech.“This NIIMBL project will allow us and our partners to build the foundation for training the cell manufacturing workforce.” The overall NIIMBL effort involves more than 150 companies, academic institutions and other organizations and is being coordinated by the University of Delaware in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.The effort began two years ago with a private investment of at least 9 million from institute members across the country in addition to the federal funding.What you see is, of course, a result of thousands of hours of training, but there is also a bit of tricky science in it too.Earlier this week I showed you how by harnessing the understanding of physics, in particular, Newton’s Third law of motion, gymnasts can perform their incredible twists (The physics of Twisting).


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