Schopenhauer Essays On Pessimism

Schopenhauer Essays On Pessimism-64
Schopenhauer is the recognized master of Pessimism.

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The proof is in the prose: Schopenhauer’s limpid thoughts are a pleasure to read even for those lacking formal philosophical training.

As with all true philosophers, his starting point is appalled astonishment at that elephant in every conceivable room, “the problem of existence” itself.

Although he never achieved the fame of such post-Kantian philosophers as Johann Gottlieb Fichte and G. He is also known as the first German philosopher to incorporate Eastern thought into his writings.

Schopenhauer’s thought is iconoclastic for a number of reasons.

An optimist is certain to be disappointed because it is obvious the universe is totally indifferent to the wants or needs of humanity.

Schopenhauer Essays On Pessimism Similarities Between Stalin And Hitler Essay

Pessimism explains our human circumstances and prepares us for the vicissitudes of life which are certain.When German philosophers were entrenched in the universities and immersed in the theological concerns of the time, Schopenhauer was an atheist who stayed outside the academic profession.Schopenhauer’s lack of recognition during most of his lifetime may have been due to the iconoclasm of his thought, but it was probably also partly due to his irascible and stubborn temperament.Desire is unsatisfiable, the essence of life is suffering, and the sole hope of redemption lies in ascetic negation of the will to live.Try to be patient and charitable toward your fellow human beings, because they are prisoners just like you are in the “penal colony” of the universe.In his essay of women, Schopenhauer writes as a male human.A male human has reason to be pessimistic of women because women as for men have their own interests to contend with and those interests may for a time coincide with that of a man but both will change their interests as circumstances change.Schopenhauer was the philosopher who wrote of the immense importance of sex in all human endeavors and he was much copied by Freud.Many romantic love songs are as pessimistic as Schopenhauer and they can be the most enjoyable and comforting.Although he considered himself Kant’s only true philosophical heir, he argued that the world was essentially irrational.Writing in the era of German Romanticism, he developed an aesthetics that was classicist in its emphasis on the eternal.


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