School Sports Day Essay

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We had our annual prize distribution (or the annual sports) in the fourth week of February.

On the college campus, we could see and smell beautiful flowers. The college grounds, bright green under the shining sun, were the scenes of the annual sports.

You should be especially concerned to make the losing children feel happy and say something about how hard they tried or some specific good thing they did.

The winners will feel good because they won, but the losers are more likely to cry, sulk, or be insulted by their peers.

Another thing that you could do is watch ESPN for a few days and learn some of the sports jargon.

Then, you can apply this jargon to the children's events and their actions.

The chief guest distributed the prizes and certificates among the best players and athletes.

He also made a brief speech in which he stressed the need to further raise the standards of education and sports.

Each athlete tried to better the previous years’ record.

More interesting than the above was the pole-vault or jumping over a long pole. It was a pleasure to watch the discus (flat round object), the javelin, the hammer and the shot-events in which these heavy metallic objects are thrown by athletes and players with full force to the longest distances. It was not easy to jump over the hurdles in the given time. The winners were really the smartest (quickest) of all. Those with sports bicycles, and also with strong legs, won the first, second and third prizes.


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