Roman Art Vs Greek Art Essay

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Both Greece and Rome are Mediterranean countries, similar enough latitudinally for both to grow wine and olives. The ancient Greek city-states were separated from each other by hilly countryside and all were near the water.

Rome was inland, on one side of the Tiber River, but the Italic tribes (in the boot-shaped peninsula that is now Italy) did not have the natural hilly borders to keep them out of Rome. Vesuvius produced fertile land by blanketing the soil with tephra which aged into rich soil.

The Roman Empire split apart, and, in the West, eventually reverted to small kingdoms.

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City-states joined together to form leagues that came into conflict, weakening Greece and leading to its conquest by the Macedonian kings and later, the Roman Empire. Then Rome, observing what was happening elsewhere in the world, eliminated them.

It established a mixed Republican form of government, combining elements of democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy, In time, rule by one returned to Rome, but in a new, initially, constitutionally sanctioned form that we know as Roman emperors.

In terms of architecture, the Greeks set the foundations for the perfect temple: symmetrical and balanced, reflecting ideal geometric ratios.

The Romans fell in love with Greek symmetry and the use of geometry as the basis for aesthetic beauty.

The aristocratic woman was secluded in the women's quarter and had to be accompanied in public places. The Athenian woman was subject to her father, and even after marriage, he could ask for her return.

, whether the dominant male in her household of birth or the household of her husband.


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