Role Of Music In Society Essay

Most of us can relate to the statement; ‘That song reminds me of a summer from my youth’.

This can be further assumed that its effect on society as a whole is the same.

A few examples to show music’s effect on society include religious music, how musicians can affect politics, and also different genres and how they can play on your emotions.

For years, Christian music has been played in churches.

Criticism of popular music can be linked directly with the youth perception of sexuality and gender roles.

An article on the media awareness website directed at parents touches on this issue within its conclusion; ‘Rap and hip hop videos reinforce this narrow vision of masculinity: particularly popular with youth, this musical culture – whose origins are broad and diverse – has narrowed to present a single, stereotypical image of masculinity and relations between the sexes.’It can be therefore assumed that as a youth (or even an adult) music can influence us in perceived negative and positive ways.


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