Roaring Twenties Essay Question

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ROLE OF OPTIMISM IN PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH Submitted Submitted by: Institute: INTRODUCTION This paper deals with the study of a peer reviewed article which relates optimism to physical and mental health.A summary of the reviewed article is presented, which follows a personal opinion on the validity of the study.

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As a result, the improved demand and supply of goods led to a situation where most individuals were absorbed as workers in industries.

Prairie farmers whose market had earlier on collapsed saw an improvement in their markets.

Technically, the Canadian economy was booming, and there was hope for a better future (Moore, 10).

Specifically, (“To what degree were the roaring 20s a time of optimism in canada Essay - 1”, n.d.) Retrieved from

In the pursuit of their goals, they regulate themselves and their personal states by utilizing effective strategies (Scheier, Carver and Bridges qtd. In order to evaluate dispositional optimism, Scheier and Carver developed self-report Life Orientation Test or LOT (1985, revised......perspectives.

Roaring Twenties Essay Question

They contemplate what is going to happen , not the worst.

This paper will discuss on how the Roaring 20s was a time of optimism in Canada.

In forming the conclusion, statistical analysis was conducted in respect to the topic of discussion.

Foreign demands included the demand for timber, base metals, pulp and wheat.

Moreover, the market for local raw materials increased (Smith, 16).


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