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w=220" data-large-file=" w=220" class="alignleft wp-image-191" title="Laurie Phillips" src=" w=120&h=102" alt="Laurie Phillips" width="120" height="102" srcset=" w=120&h=102 120w, w=150&h=128 150w," sizes="(max-width: 120px) 100vw, 120px" /I think there are times when I’ve seen a heading for “Coursework In:” on a resume and I think that’s helpful if someone is coming right out of library school.More often, I like to hear in the letter of application how the person’s coursework and particular experiences in those courses might relate to the job I’m posting.

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" data-medium-file=" w=120" data-large-file=" w=120" class="alignleft wp-image-1369" title="Nicola Franklin" src=" w=96&h=118" alt="Nicola Franklin" width="96" height="118" srcset=" w=96&h=118 96w," sizes="(max-width: 96px) 100vw, 96px" /Coursework could mean a list of modules taken during an MLS, or the dissertation topic.

If it’s the second, I would expect to see it listed on a new (or relatively new) graduate’s resume, and especially so if it were relevant to the post being applied for (eg something on an aspect of public library policy or on diversity outreach, when applying for a public library job).

At the same time, all these people scored high-profile jobs at their respective companies.

University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA The Bachelor of Science degree program in Psychology provides a comprehensive platform to pursue careers in mental health care delivery, business, law, medicine, and education.

– Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean for Technical Services, J. Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans– Marge Loch-Wouters, Youth Services Coordinator, La Crosse (WI) Public Library " data-medium-file="

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w=181" data-large-file=" w=181" class="alignleft wp-image-1302" title="Melanie Lightbody" src=" w=90&h=120" alt="" width="90" height="120" srcset=" w=90&h=120 90w, w=180&h=239 180w, w=113&h=150 113w" sizes="(max-width: 90px) 100vw, 90px" / There are no circumstances under which I’d want to see coursework on a resume.

On an application, yes but not on a resume even for brand new grads.

For example, we’re a team based organization so I want to hear how the person has worked collaboratively and successfully on group projects.

But, if the person has particular technical skills associated with coursework, that can be great on a resume.


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