Resident Evil 4 Assignment Ada Walkthrough

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The second turret is a lot harder to gain control over.You’ll need to watch your step once you get to the end because there are a handful of turrets that pop up on the final gate. One of the new modes is called Separate Ways, and it features a brief story-mode set of missions involving the double-agent Ada Wong…probably better known to most gamers as “the woman in the red dress".

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The only hard part at the start of the chapter is fighting the two mini-gun wielding soldiers once you reach the door for entering the compound.Follow the path down to the house where the Chief is and gather up some supplies and the lift access key, but not before first taking out a chainsaw wielding villager.Take out the rest of the villagers who block your path and then use the lift key to turn the lift on and head back up where you’ll have to face off against an El Gigante.Unlike Leon, Ada starts the stage after she meets him and heads into the garden to talk to Wesker.From there it’s a matter of getting out of the garden maze and facing off against a lot of dangerous cultists with Las Plagas heads.There are a few gems and supplies located on top of the platforms.Simply stand underneath them and use the grappling hook to get up top and resupply.One will jump down in front of the switch to unlock the door and can prove difficult to fight.The best thing to do is hop down and find cover below while waiting to get an open shot and using the sniper rifle to pick them off.At the end of the doorway you’ll face off against the El Gigante.A combination of TMP fire to the face and sniper rifle shots to the Plagas in his back will make quick work of him. This chapter only has a few difficult segments but it’s nowhere near as challenging as Chapter 4 and the awfully difficult ship segments.


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