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Mount Vesuvius is a volcano located in southern Italy, near the bay of Naples and the city of Naples.

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In addition, an in-depth study of the Copahue volcano on the Chile-Argentina border showed that its eruptions are preceded by a regular cycle of ash plumes, gas venting, and increased thermal activity and internal pressure, all of which can be effectively tracked from space.

Examining the long-term behavior of volcanoes with satellite data is an important step toward a better understanding of the scientific tools available to predict eruptions.

This is often done in difficult conditions, with instruments detecting specific indicators and providing limited datasets to satisfy knowledge and imagination.

Despite these limitations, many studies have been able to provide unprecedented understanding of different processes in nature, albeit often under specific (i.e., simplified) conditions. doi: 10.1038/ngeo1562 Cross Ref Full Text Phillipson, G., Sobradelo, R., and Gottsmann, J. Global volcanic unrest in the 21st century: an analysis of the first decade.

Satellite observations do have drawbacks that prevent satellites from being an accurate predictive tool, however.

Although NASA collects data on sulfur dioxide emissions over the Colima volcano in Mexico, for example, the volcanic emissions are often masked by pollution from Mexico City.

A progressively more quantitative approach has been often obtained exploiting the latest technological improvements available.

The study of volcanic, or more generally, magmatic processes well exemplifies these conditions and progression (Figure 1). (A) Skjaldbreiur mafic shield volcano in SW Iceland; (B) Ostry Tolbachik felsic stratovolcano in Kamchatka Peninsula; (C) northern rim of Bromo caldera, Java, with post-caldera vents to the right; (D) segment of the 1886 Tarawera basaltic explosive fissure, New Zealand. While volcanic forms, compositions and activity may widely differ, the processes and conditions for the generation, rise, emplacement and eruption of magma share important similarities. Evolution of Santorini Volcano dominated by episodic and rapid fluxed of melt from depth.

Its activity ranging from Hawaiian-style release of liquid lava, fountaining and lava lakes, over Strombolian and Vulcanian activity to violently explosive, plinian events that produce pyroclastic flows and surges.

Scientists are asked to describe and understand the complex behavior of natural processes.


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