Research Paper Seven Deadly Sins

Research Paper Seven Deadly Sins-62
Alternate areas such as Artificial Life, and Simulation of Adaptive Behavior did make some progress in getting full creatures in the eighties and nineties (these two areas and communities were where I spent my time during those years), but they have stalled.My own opinion is that of course this is possible in principle.We are surrounded by hysteria about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

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This has been incredibly useful for understanding how behavior and neurons are linked.

But it has been a thirty years study with hundreds of people involved, all trying to understand just 302 neurons.

I would never have started working on Artificial Intelligence if I did not believe that.

However perhaps we humans are just not smart enough to figure out how to do this–see my remarks on humility in my post on the current state of Artificial Intelligence suitable for deployment in robotics.

And according to the Open Worm project trying to simulate C.

elegans bottom up, they are not yet half way there.

This particular error of prediction is very much driven by exponentialism, and I will address that as one of the seven common mistakes that people make.

Even if there is a lot of computer power around it does not mean we are close to having programs that can do research in Artificial Intelligence, and rewrite their own code to get better and better.

He proposes rather sensible ways of thinking about regulations for Artificial Intelligence deployment, rather than the chicken little “the sky is falling” calls for regulation of research and knowledge that we have seen from people who really, really, should know a little better. [I try to maintain professional language, but sometimes…] For instance, it appears to say that we will go from 1 million grounds and maintenance workers in the US to only 50,000 in 10 to 20 years, because robots will take over those jobs.

Today, there is a story in Market Watch that robots will take half of today’s jobs in 10 to 20 years. How many robots are currently operational in those jobs? How many realistic demonstrations have there been of robots working in this arena? Similar stories apply to all the other job categories in this diagram where it is suggested that there will be massive disruptions of 90%, and even as much as 97%, in jobs that currently require physical presence at some particular job site.


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